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Help needed for guineas

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Hi, we recently acquired 5 adult guineas, and have had them penned up in a chicken tractor type thing, and plan on letting them free range after they have been penned up for 6 weeks or so. The other day I noticed they are looking really small, much smaller than they were when we got them. Our property is wooded, so there isn't really a lot of green for them to eat, but I feed them twice a day. We are planning on building them a taller pen because I feel bad that they can't roost very high in what they are in now. Any suggestions?
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Guineas do like to roost high, and they DO thrive on free ranging. I suspect they're stressed out with their current living quarters. How long have they been confined? What sort of area (square feet) are they confined in?

Normally, I confine any new ones to a coop or small barn where they have high roosting places. About 10 days is all they need to remember where "home" is. I really doubt your guineas would come back to the chicken tractor if released - no matter how long the confinement.

What are you feeding them? Do they have adequate fresh water?
I was thinking the same thing about them not coming back. why would they want to come back to an un-ideal place? I figured once we got a better area for them built I would confine them in that for another good stint. We just moved to this place and there is so much to do and build. We have a chicken coop up, but our chickens are still small and I think the Guineas would hurt them if we put them in there. The chicken tractor is about 5' by 5', it is a square, so I was thinking that at least for the time being we could take the top off, add 2x4's to each corner, and wrap it with poultry netting. That way they could at least get a little higher until we get something better. We have been giving them game bird feed. Is there something better?
This is a long shot, but could it have to do with their feathers? I'm not sure where you live, but my guineas look a lot smaller when its warm. They arent puffed at all.

Like I said, long shot. :)
Gamebird is good.

When you start to let them out, put one out the first day, two the second, 3 the third and so on. This gets them accustomed to being out of the tractor, but keeps them close to the flock.

To get birds back in, without letting the ones still in out, you can make a trap door.

This takes a little while to set up, but will save hours of chasing birds.
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