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Help needed any suggestions??

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Hi again, Guys. I'm hoping that everyone here is having a wonderful time. In addition, I was wondering if you could tell me whether or not Munchkin cats get along well with american bully because I'm planning on getting one soon. I'm simply curious to know if anyone has any suggestions for me on that matter. It will be of great assistance.
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I agree with Danaus29. I had a Scott's type American bulldog, and everyone loved him with a passion. He acted like he was never afraid of anything. He protected my daughter from a cougar the first year we had him. He was a great family dog, very smart, laid back, and easy to train. He got along with the cats just fine, but I think that if he had a bad experience with a cat, he probably wouldn't get along with cats after that. He loved kids, until after he met one that found ways to mistreat him. After that, he acted very nervous around little kids, and if they got too close, he'd growl at them. He loved to get presents, and open them, whether they came from under a Christmas tree, or he got a package in the mail. He died last X-mas, and would have been 12 the day after. That breed normally has a life span of about 10-16, and for a large breed, the fewest health problems.
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