Help me identify my houseplant catcti please!

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  1. xoxoGOATSxoxo

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    Jul 29, 2006
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    I have 5 little cacti I received as a gift last winter. I have no idea what kind they are! I've looked in books and online but they all look real close to the same, so I was wondering if I could describe them and osmebody could help me. I'll try to get a picture posted later, but I've got to wrestle with our printer so I'm not promising anything.

    None have ever flowered.

    1. About 3 inches diameter, round, bright green, has thick yellow spikes in a star pattern. I know these get really big because my grandma has one, but she doesn't know what it's called.

    2. about 4 inches tall, 1-2 inches wide. Grayinsh green with furry little yellowish spikes that really hurt.

    3. same color as previous, but 5.5 inches tall and grows in a gentle curve. The spikes are slightly longer and are brown on the tips.

    4. this one has 3 flat sections that join in the middle, and scallop twice on each edge. It has no spikes, but has a fuzzy spiked thing on the top, sort of like a finger with tentacles, which is gray-yellow. the cactus itself is rich green.

    5. its a lumpy little cluster of round growths. Dark gray green, with tiny gray spike clusters. any new growth is light yellow green.

    Sorry if i'm not discriptive enough! I know a lot a cacti look alike, at least to me. :baby04:
  2. james dilley

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    Sounds like they are grafted Cacti to me.

  3. Zebraman

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    Aug 11, 2006
    Hey xoxoGoatsxoxo;The first one is Golden Barrel (Echinocactus Grusonii).Post pics on the others and I'll know for sure.-