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Help If I Can

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Hi .... I would like to help If I can .... I will be learning testers protocol as I go. Most our nut and fruit trees are only 4-6 years old and not in full fruition, theres still some stuff I hope to contribute????. Note though that we are in opposite seasons to you been an Aussie.

(whos early nectrines just got frost bite)
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Wow, another international on the board. Welcome!!

I am converting a whole heap of the recipes into international weights and measures. I am in the UK by way of South Africa and Chile. On thing worth looking at is all the seasons etc listed in the book are for the Northern hemisphere, not all that useful for the South where you are. It would be pretty cool to have a conversion table for growing seasons.... between northern and southern hemisphere.

Well I'm from Australia Via Australia the furthest I have been overseas is Tasmania :)

So your the one who will save me heaps of time "translating" my receipes ..... nice to meet you

Conversions for seasons??...... we are fairly random with planting considering we just stopped harvesting tomatoes and it is a few weeks off Autumn (or fall if your from up over) we've had a mild winter til now and it has frozen all our early fruit :(

bye from the newbie
Sandra, I need your e-mail addy. Could you please PM it to me? Have I sent you the Herbs and Vegetables chapters? I have a note to myself to do that, and no note that I actually did that, but I'm thinking maybe I actually did do it... :?

Greg, on some topic or other I asked you a question about when you'd be done. The computer or HT was goofing up and you answered but I didn't get a chance to get back to you and now I don't know where that was... :rolleyes: Help me out?
Printed and tallied to date. Thank you, Sandra and Greg O.:D
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