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Long story but I am assured by that the problem that occured with my blog account is very rare. For some reason I am not calmed by that. My blog is unrecoverable and nothing they can do. I delete my history and cookies every few days so any past entries that were stored in my computer are gone. I do not type my entries in Word before posting to blog since a bunch of weird symbols come up when I do. Hindsite is 20/20 so now I know I should have printed them or saved them somewhere. If anyone happens to have the entried saved on their computer or printed them out PLEASE let me know. I did so much work for it to be gone. I do have the pictures saved its the entries that are gone. I am praying someone will come forward with at least some of the entries and maybe I can fill in the gaps somehow.



Different search yielded this, I don't know if any are duplicates of the above. Again, click ONLY the Cached links.


Nothing at the wayback machine.

Go to google and put this in the search box: <search terms here>

Replace <search terms here> with various combinations of search terms according to the content you had in various entries. Google probably has your entire blog cached, you just have to find the pages. When a page of results comes up, click Cached under each result and copy the cached page. You need to work fast and furious at this to get them all before google crawls the blog again.

Mama MacDonald
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These are the articles I am still missing. I wasn't able to recover them in Goggle cache. If anyone has them or knows another way to search for them in cache please let me know. Thanks!
Stupid Dillo'
Water Woes entry is missing
Donkey Chasing Again
Oh I am So mad (continued)
Garden Progress
puppies 6 wks old
It's weird how priorities change...funny
A VERY busy weekend (pics included)
Fledgling Carolina Chickadee (pics!)
Introducing A New Family Member
Pups 17 days old! (pics included)
April 18 update
Reality hits home on the homestead
I prayed for patience and God sent me a goat
Easter Snow (pics included)
We have Puppies!
Dilled Green Beans
Dilled Green Tiny Tomatoes
Bread & Butter Pickles
Sourdough Bread Recipe
Mystery Chicken Continued
Mystery Chicken
The Journey Begins
March 2007 Update
Planting Plans
Our Chickens
New Goats
Milking Goats
Mar 30, 2007
The Great Flood (well kinda)
Morning Chores
Questions Answered
The Romanticism of Homesteading
Douh! Moment and gotta laugh instead of cry

Mama MacDonald
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gosh when I look at that long list of entries I have lost it really blows my mind. I'd say its a hard lesson learned. At least I still have the pics on my harddrive. Hopefully someone has the missing entries. I know some pages were printed out since my blog had a feature to tell me how many times each entry was printed. Too bad it wouldn't tell me who. Maybe I should offer an reward or something LOL
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