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Help, help, help - I need some ideas!

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Ok, I know I'm is going to sound like a big whiney baby but here goes.

I have had a back problem for years. It's kind of in the shoulder blade area. Things got progressively worse and I would wake up after a few hours or sleep with my left arm mostly numb except for the pain in my elbow and first three fingers.

After a bit of research, I found a wonderful chiropractor who also incorporated deep tissue massage. She explained to me what was happening and why. After the treatments I felt like a new person. The pain and numbmess were gone from my arms and I was able to sleep through the night.

However... our health insurance is not exactly generous on this type of treatment and I stopped going. Things were fine for the most part until just recently. The pain is back with a vengance and I am waking up with a numb arm again. I started a new job this week which has me on my feet and doing a lot of reaching and stretching for the entire 8 hours (soon to go to 10 hours) that I am there. Well minus lunch and two 15 minute breaks.

I need to find a way to try to do this massage thing at home. To really dig down into the muscles on my shoulder blades and get at those knots. And I don't want to put the burden on DH. (He has been a wonderful sport about it but I know he needs a break.) Can any of you think of anything I can do? Something I can attach to a wall or lay on on the floor that might get the same effect? Something nubby so it digs in.

I'm afraid I am just going to have to bite the bullet and go back to the chiropractor but, if I can find a way to self treat, maybe I wouldn't have to go as often.
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Actually... the health insurance is likely the problem..

One of my best friends is a chiropractor and he has explained to me that the waste of the insurance benefit payment system... He set his business up so that his cash price for an adjustment and a massage is less than what a co pay would be from someone with insurance... He charges $30 for the adjustment and the massage...

He increased his business by doing this and he increased his profits.. What I would look for in your area is a chiropractor that will give you a discount for cash.... They are out there everywhere... It is a colossal pain to file the paperwork for insurance and there is a wait time for the doctors offices to get paid from the health care insurance company.... It is cheaper and easier to accept cash and to offer a discount for it.

I make no claims as to the state of your finances, but if you can find someone that will give you an adjustment and a massage for what the co pay would be... It might help and allow you to afford to go maybe once a week...

I have 2 compressed disks in my lower back and I started going to the chiropractor 2 years ago....One of the best decisions of my life...I have a better range of motion and less pain now that my spine is perfectly aligned... the adjustment for me is more important than the massage... The better I take care of my spine the more I find that all the other problems go away
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