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Help - have baby bunnies now!

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I was cleaning out my barn today and when I moved a pile of junk I uncovered a nest of baby bunnies - they got scattered about and I picked up 4 of them. I did not expect them to be there! I think they are at least 4 weeks old because that is when I saw a moma bunny carrying dry grass into the barn.

Are they too young to be separated from there moma? Will they eat at this age? If I turn them back out will they be OK? What should I feed them? I do think they were moving about because last night a flash of white caught my eye in the barn and they are fully developed, but they definitely have not been out where there is grass to eat yet.. They are rabbits that have lived wild in my yard and barn since I moved in last September. There are about a half dozen more running around without a nest - should I try to catch them? The nest collasped as I moved the debris that was on top of it.

Thanks for your help!

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If they have fur, eyes are open and are hoping about, just move everything back, as best you can and leave them for another month, at least.

Don't try to intervene, it may force the mother to abandone them. Just let her take care of them.

BTW, is this a wile rabgit or one of you own?
Thanks, in the meantime I have given them as pets to a friend. I took them to the feed store and they said they were old enough to leave the mom. Checked today and they are happy eating and drinking just fine.

They are domestic rabbits that were loose here when I moved in. Red, tan and white, black and white in color. The hawk got most of the last litter, but still some around and the adults are all good at keeping away from predators some how. They do have the barn to live in, guess that's why they moved in. ;-)


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