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Training is a must. Work on getting them to come as soon as you call. Explain “no” to them....I love Border Collies and have had several. They learned the word “out”, which meant get your tushy out of the pasture. I never allowed them out unless they were with me. If you need too, keep them on a lease while you are starting their training. I had one that I was not able to train. Her herding instinct was so powerful and she was as stubborn as they come. I ended up giving her to a neighbor who raised BC’s for his cattle operation. She turned into a great dog for him because she need a much more difficult job than I could give her. My favorite Jake, was a great herder but was much more into being with me. He followed me everywhere and listened very well. He had the instinct but it just wasn’t as powerful as the female.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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