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Our last BC came from working lines and had a very strong herding drive. But he really did not settle down in to a good working dog until he was around 3 yrs. old. We sent him to several nationally known trainers in our area but there is no way I would ever have turned him loose in the same area as any of our stock when he was a youngster. He would have done exactly what you describe your pups as doing - harassing the stock. We originally obtained him to work sheep and while he did great in a small pen with them he just was not very interested in them out in the field.

We sent him out one day after some cattle and boy did he excel! Turned out to be the best cattle dog we ever had. He was great at not only moving them but could drive them as well. Give your pups some time, keep them tethered to you at all times when you are working around the farm so you can control them. If all else fails, like others have said, they may not make good farm dogs but they may excel at obedience or something else.

Here are a couple of pics of Keb on the job. He was my husband's right-hand man until we lost him to cancer.

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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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