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Help: Baby Teething...

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She's six months old and the light of my life, but she's also the cause of mine and my wife's lack of sleep at the moment due to...TEETHING!!!! I need suggestions from those of you who have survived this, what eased their discomfort the most? Helped them sleep...Any and all ideas welcome...

So, I will ask as calmly and as sanely as I can right now....


Those of you who have been here before should be able to sympathize, when I say I ain't kidding neither....

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Shahbazin said:
I swear by the Hyland's homeopathic teething tablets. My DD (14 months) is cutting 2 molars right now!

Yes, yes, yes, yes. They are the best! And natural! If you rub whiskey on their gums, it actually can make the area throb after it wears off and make them even more miserable.
Cabin Fever said:
Silly booklover, when that happens you just rub some more whiskey on the gums.
And eventually they pass out... ah, peace and quiet!! :p
rose2005 said:
All of the above are great...we also cut up melon into slices our little one could hold and stored it in the fridge until needed. She would suck and enjoy that for ages and it seemed to really ease her pain.
Ummm... the baby is 6 months old. Your suggestion has choke hazard written all over it. No offense, but a baby that young should not be getting melon slices.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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