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Good evening all.

The Christmas season has taken a detour in our household as my 11 year old daughter has come down with a cough that will not quit. We are now on day 15 of a cough illness.

She coughs every time she breaths in, that being every 2-3 seconds. The ONLY time she does not cough is when she is asleep at night, and it takes her 3 or so hours to go to sleep due to the coughing. The xrays of her neck and chest were clear. She has had no fever, has been in good spirits, and really no other problem with exception of the cough. However, because of the cough, she has been out of school for 1.5 weeks and has rarely been out of the house except for dr appointments and a couple of drives just for a change of scenery.

The cough is a dry cough, no sinus or allergy problems. We have been to the pediatrician more times than I can count, and to the emergency room once. Over the course of two weeks, they have given us the following (though not in this order):

Prednisone - tablet by mouth
Benzonate (tessalon pearls)- gel tablet by mouth
Augmentin - tablet by mouth
Valium - tablet by mouth to make her sleep, didnt make her sleep
Chlorpromaz - tablet, I think....they are all gone
Prolex with Hydrocodone - liquid
Prometh with Codeine - cough syrup with codeine to make her sleep (didnt make her sleep)
Steroid breathing treatments (nebulizer)
Steroid shot
Tylenol with Codeine (didnt make her sleep)

In addition, we have tried chickenista's honey/herb recipe which our daughter promptly threw up.

We have tried mentholatum on her feet.
We have tried steam showers.
Cold Air
Hot Air

and I am probably missing something else.

The problem seems to be doctors that do not know what to do beyond writing prescriptions. The days of having a doctor which actually took a culture sample and looked at it under a microscope are apparently long gone.

Sarah is normally a very healthy child. She is the athletic, go-happy one of the family and has not been sick more than 3 times in her life. This has us very very puzzled, and of course, worried.

The doctors are supposed to be getting us a referral to a pediatric pulmonologist at Arkansas Childrens Hospital, which is about 3 hrs away. however, that was suppose to happen Monday and we still seem to be getting no action from them....

My real question is this: have any of you ever heard of this type of coughing illness, and do you know any remedies? We are out of ideas and would appreciate any feedback and also your prayers.



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hello Irvine,
Gosh! that seems so unreal with all that you have tried and got tested.
I was thinking it may be a extreme allergy to something different and new in house or around house? Allergies work in many and various ways. And sometimes pop-up all of a sudden because of becoming allergic to something they weren't allergic to before. Also if it started since you've had to close up the house for winter heating, that may be a connection.

Another thought. I had a son that developed Asthma at age 8. He coughed a lot. I had to go thru doctors and test, etc and found this out.
Other than that I can't think of anything else.
With all those test, something like TB would have showed up.
I hate the thoughts that your child has had all those chemical meds and nothing helped. Prednizone is a very strong and risky drug. Some of the others I never heard of. Maybe seeing a child specialist [/U ]is the best Idea.
I sure hope you find the underlying cause and cure very soon.
Keep us updated. Take care, Patsy

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I have one of my children who is very susceptible to coughs like this. The only thing that works is guafenisin(sp) syrup found in Robitusin and Lobelia. This is an herbal tincture that really relaxes the bronchial tubes and busts up mucus. The bad thing is most of the cold meds dry things out so much that it make it worse. Vicks on the chest with warm wet towels over it will also help.

I have heard of a rash of Whooping Cough going around real bad in some areas. Did they test for that? Most doctors just assume if the child has been vaccinated they won't get the virus but, that is not always the case.
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