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Help again please - newborn lamb problem/questions

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Hi again.

To recpa where I left off a few days ago, had a new lamb the other day, unexpectedly from a 11 month old ewe that was not supposed to be pregnant. When out in the morning and there he was.

Anyway, he did fine the first few days, and I had confirmed that the ewe had milk, but today (day 3) he seems a little colder and not sure if he is getting any milk. I tried to milk the teat myself and was only able to get a very little bit, almost none, whereas the otherday it seemed to squirt right out....

Now I don't have much expereince to know if I am just milking wrong and can't get it out, or if the lamb is not getting much or any milk...

He hasn't taken a turn for the worse, *but* defientely is not quite as spunky as he has been, and perhaps seems a little colder...he still gets under the ewe often and seems to be trying vigourously, but not sure if he is getting it...

and to my very inexpereience hands, the udder seems harder than it was the other day...

should I be thinking that the ewe has a mastitis? or isn't producing enough milk? Should I start bottle feeding something (don't have any other nursing ewes yet to steal from).

Thanks all.

Nerverous first timer here....
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Is his belly 'bloated' or are his sides pinched in? Is he pooping OK?
You should supplement the lambto be sure it is getting enough to eat. If its mouth is cool he/she is not. The ewe could simply be holding her milk up, only letting some out for her lamb and none at all for you. She could be coming down with mastitis too. Hard to tell from here. Take the ewes temperature, although not having a fever does not mean she is problem free. If she does she'll need antibiotics ASAP, Pen G would be my choice but it could need stronger. What does the milk look like if you strip some out? (Pinch close to the udder and pull down) If she has not got mastitis then she will need oxytocin two or three times a day and the lamb supplemented until she will drop her milk easily. That's just a guess though, but if she was mine its what I'd be thinking. I had a nice suffolk do this and is now a great mum but it took a week of oxytocin shots for her first lambs.
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What is the temp. of the lamb? It should be 102-104. If its under 102 he needs to be warmed. Its important also, that if you are supplimenting with a bottle, that the lamb still nurse, since the nursing helps bring more milk.
I had twin ewe lambs born yesterday from a 11 or 12 month old ewe. I had to help her dry off the lambs, since it was below freezing and they were wet, but they are going fine now.
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