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I am excited to find this homesteading site! My husband and I moved back to WA and purchased a small 5 acre farm after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20+ years. We are currently blessed by having a multi-generational household with my daughter, son-in-law and first grandchild in residence with us. They decided to move up to the PNW from SoCA when we found this beautiful property.

We are trying to slowly ramp up a self sustaining organic homestead. We started by having the property fenced and cross-fenced with 5 large paddocks because the property came with a 60’x100’ with 5 stalls (1 horse boarding), an indoor arena, and a 60’x20’ cement pad with roughed in plumbing for a potential ADU.

We have 4 mature apple trees of different varieties, 3 young peach, and 2 newer cherry trees. We have to bring them into fruit producing shape with pruning, feeding, moss and organic pest control. We are excited about canning, cider, and kombucha in our future!

We are slowly conquering neglected garden space filled with blueberry, raspberry and blackberry plants. We are overrun with new raspberry starts and would be open to any plant or fruit veggie trades.

We have a cheery small flock of chickens that consist of 1 glorious Leghorn rooster, 4 laying hens and 6 pullets.

We have started raising rabbits for meat but I think we need to add a larger breed like New Zealand’s to our current mix. We have 1 Blue Silver Fox buck and 2 does, 1 Black Silver Fox doe and 1 Rex doe.

We have Black Silver Fox m/f kits and Blue Silver Fox/Rex cross kits 3 blue, 1 black, 2 black & white, 1 gray & white for sale or trade.

We have 3 young roosters for sale or trade.
• Jersey Giant
• Spotted Sussex
• Amerucana

We would like to raise miniature dexter, highland, or angus for beef and would be open to buying a mini cow and calf crossed with one of these breeds.

I hope to learn, network and grow in a with like minded individuals that care about the planet, support their community, and are generous with kindness and compassion to those around them. I believe in building longer tables instead of fences.

Our small farm has helped support us and keeps me busy during this crazy time of the pandemic. The bunnies, chickens and our Doberman are great companions. We are practicing social distancing for the foreseeable future.


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I can't imagine the culture shock from Progressive SF, to rural WA.
Actually, my culture shock was the reverse when I originally moved from Yelm WA to the SF Bay Area. I had never been so far from where I grew up and I had never seen so many people that were different than me. In the absence of diversity I had no assumptions or bias about any group. Every person I met was a learning experience because until I talked to them I couldn’t tell if they were born in CA, a different part of the country, or a different part of the world. I wouldn’t know if they had an accent, whether they were educated, or who they loved. Everyone had a different experience growing up and ate different foods that I had never tasted. Many became life long friends that I ended up visiting around the world!

I have never lost my fascination and enthusiasm for meeting new people, learning new things, and going places to share the experience of life!

Coming home to WA has been like slipping on my favorite comfy shoes and heading out the back door to take care of the animals. Second nature, almost like I never left but oh-so-refreshing-and-restorative to my soul. My heart ❤ is joyful!
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