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I'm in Mecklenburg County Virginia on the border straight up from Raleigh....maybe a Dysfunction Junction stealing that from a member on here...just me and my German Shepherd in a nice quaint lake town...had a great organic garden going till my wife of 31 years left I haven't been motivated to get it going this year...not dead yet, late 50s, past airline and travel career but now it's essential we grow our own food and become less dependent on the system.

Would love to find a female companion that wants the country life but still in a small town...surrounded by farms and horses and yet still within reach for occasional trips to Raleigh for a sobering dose of civilization...if that's what it is.

Need to learn so much more but after tilling in a million pounds of cow manure, I found my small garden could produce so much food I had to give tons beans, cukes, tomatos, squash, 10 different kinds of peppers...

anybody even close to me???? mike
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