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    Dec 18, 2016

    I wanted to introduce myself and tell you all a little about my family. We live in the fertile Red River Valley on the ND side of the river. We are on a 10A farm we bought about 3 years ago. I work in precision agriculture, my wife works for an online retailer, and our kids are both in high school. There are some areas on our farm that we can use for a garden that probably total around 2A. We are learning more and more every day and looking forward to next year.

    I do have some questions about starting a sweet corn business for my kids. I want them to learn about the business world and having to deal with customers and hopefully employees (down the road of course). We have access to an additional 7 acres of ground very close to our farm that we could use to grow sweet corn. I want to concentrate mainly on sweet corn as we can then manage the weed control, timely planting, and harvest cycles. We would also look into the decorative corn market (cobs and whole stalks) and finish up with corn for animal feed.

    In my head I see this business targeting grocery stores, farmers markets, and area town celebrations, with concentration on being the supplier, not the front line retailer. We don't really have a desire to sit at the local gas station on a pickup tailgate and sell sweet corn. I think the return on that is limited, at least in our area. Plus from what I have read, freshness and quality of product is most paramount in sweet corn. Good product=return customers, Bad product=no more customers. I would rather harvest early every morning and run out of corn, than have too much and end up selling a substandard product. So, we are early in this process and would like to hear of any success or failure stories you can share!

    I have been poking around on this forum and have learned quite a bit already! If anyone can point me in the right direction for information, advice, general knowledge on this endeavor--I would appreciate it very much!

    Thank You!
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    Hi, and welcome. Sorry I can't help you much with the sweet corn though.

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    Welcome. I don't have anything to offer except make sure the kids take the lead on this sweet corn endeavor. Otherwise, you just got yourself another thing for your to do list!

    Glad you're enjoying the forum.