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Hello everyone!!!

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I'm very happy with finally deciding to join, I've read countless threads which all were very helpful. A little about me, I have a small farm which we raise turkeys(both heritage and broad breasted), ducks (jumbo pekins, cayuga,rouen, buff), rabbits (new zealands, flemish giants, harlequins and rex), dogs, and a very spoiled kitten. I like to "live off the land" with what I can. Once again I'm very excited to finally join and chime in when and where I can.
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Welcome glad to have you here with us. We have New Zealand rabbits also. We have pekins we are raising for meat how are the jumbo pekins do they grow as fast as regular pekins
Welcome. Glad you could make it.
Glad your here. Y seem to have alot going on on your far, Where you at? Im in NE Okls.
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