Heirloom apple question.

Discussion in 'Plant and Tree Identification' started by warrior, Nov 25, 2005.

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    Nov 21, 2005
    As a youngster I often visited with an aunt and uncle that were true homesteaders by choice. Plowed with mule, cut and stacked hay by hand, wood cookstove the whole nine yards. The question is in regards to an apple they had on their place. They called it a "winesap" but none of the stayman winesap apples I see today are the same apple. I understand that the stayman is an offspring of the winesap. I guess I have not seen the parent winesap to compare to what my aunt had. The apple was a good cooking and drying type apple. She dried apples every year and I still long for her fried pies made from these apples. The most notable features of this apple was red veins around the core with yellowish flesh and a taste that is hard to describe. Tart doesn't cover it, more like tart/tangy with enough sugars to balance without being to sweet. I don't think I have ever eaten another type apple that can compare. The flesh was firm to crisp and the color was red over yellow (more red and slighty striped). It was shaped very much like a rome but not as flattened and was of a medium size. Maybe it is nostaglia but I don't recall ever having eaten a better apple. I know I have never had a better fried apple pie. Any help indentifying this apple and a source would be very greatly appreciated.
    BTW this would be a southern type, more than likely an heirloom as I am sure it had to fend for itself as they only pruned and did not spray.
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    Aug 3, 2005
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    We have a local orchid down the road that offers winesap's only in sept. or oct . [ I think that's right] Anyway , if I'm remembering right ,winesap's have to do with when they are picked [staying on the tree longer] I do not know the specific tree though.
    Someone will correct me if I'm wrong , but this is the way I remember it from a couple of seasons ago.

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    Nov 2, 2003
    You are completely right about the winesaps for sale now. We used to get a winesap that was soooo much better than what they are touting as winesap now at local fruit stands near me. They are not the same but it seems they look at me like I'm crazy when I ask them about it or if I say that these are not a true winesap. I don't know what happened.