Heifer Calf deformation?

Discussion in 'Cattle' started by Drogo, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Drogo

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    Had about 4 mixed beef cows domino last week so we now have 4 new heifer calves. All look to be doing fine except one has a problem......though to describe.

    Anus (more like the sphincter) seems to be missing, more of an open hole in the back. I noticed at birth it had a large black bag of waste partially showing, but it was gone the next day and now the hole is there. Stools look fine and the calf seems to be eating and getting around fine.

    Anyone ever have this happen? Any suggestions?
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    Aug 24, 2004
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    An anus thats further up on the back is typical of a poor genetic mix trait, if you hang out at auctions you'll see a few of these go through, I've seen them more on Holsteins than anything else, but thats just what I've seen.
    I'm sure other cattle are affected, and it probably won't bother the heifer but she would typically be culled from most herds.

  3. evermoor

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    Nov 20, 2004
    On occasion we have had a calf born with such a deformity although usually ther is no anus, or vagina. The calf is destoyed because the waste is release into the body cavity and slowy poisons them. Watch to make sure she is having bowel movement and not just oozing excess out. Good luck but get rid of her soon. About this timeof year very young calves really start to bring outrageous sums.
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    Thanks for the replies!
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    Aug 10, 2003
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    In my opinion she is flawed and should not be bred, if she survives. I find that often where there's an obvious flaw there is usually more and nature culls on it's own.
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    Jan 21, 2005
    Again thanks for all the relpies.........update.

    The heifer calf is three weeks old today and looks to be doing fine. The hole looks to be growing in and she looks much better from the back. I did get her down one time and cleaned back there real good with some iodine. But I noticed the best healing medicine for her has been her mom and one other momma cow I have continuously licked it. It amazes me the instinct that all mothers have and how nature finds a way to correct its own problems.