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In 1950, our ag teacher in high school was also teaching ww2 vets ag classes which they got paid to attend. Multiflora roses were touted to be wonderful natural fences. He had the high school boys (me) out on the vets farms setting out the roses.. They make a fence that would turn anything from rabbits to mountain goats.. Except for the bare spots where some plants didn't grow. None of the roses we set ever eventialy were used to hold stock.. Birds spread the seeds. They will come up everywhere the ground is left untilled or not sprayed. It is now illeagle to propagate them here. Many boughten roses are grafted to multiflora roots.
You'd be better off with kudzu. At least it can be eaten.
There were several osage orange fence rows around when I was a kid. They take a long time to get big enough for a fence. Stock trims up the low limbs. Then you'd have to put something in spots that aren't filled completly in. You will then have a 40 foot strip of ground that won't grow pasture or crops.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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