Heavy bred doe lame in one leg

Discussion in 'Goats' started by GoldenWood Farm, Jan 18, 2007.

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    Ok here is a puzzler for you gals AND guys ( :p ). Ramsey my boer X doe who is heavily bred (due Feb 11th) has mysteriously gone lame in her back right foot overnight. I locked the girls up in the barn for the night and Ramsey didn't seem lame then and then this morning I let them out and BAM she is lame Confused .

    It does look a bit swollen in her pastern area. I tried touching all the way from her thigh and down her hock and to her pastern and she is REALLY touchy about it. Check the hoof its self and there is no pain there and it didn't hurt her to bend the foot. But she really doesn't want it touched and is trying hard to not put weight on it. I thought maybe she slipped on the snow but like I said last night she seemed fine. She is eating (LOL stuck her on the stand to check her out and she started chowing down) and stuff so no problems there but she is so danged big right now which is what worries me the most with her being lame in her back end. She can walk OK but not great as it hurts her.

    I put her in with my yearlings as she is so soft tempered I don't want her getting pushed around by any of the other bred does. Is there anything I can do for her? What do you think could have happened? There isn't any heat anywhere in her leg or foot that I could feel when I compared it with her other legs. Also the swelling isn't really noticable I had to really look to see where she was slightly swollen. Should I be real worried or just let it heal up on its own? I know it hurts her bad as she acts in pain and wouldn't let me touch it at all if she had a choice.

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    Sorry not a gal, so maybe I am disqualified (heh), but she got butted or twisted it would be my guess.

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    My first guess is that she twisted it. It's not uncommon to sprain a joint and not have it hurt until you've slept on it wrong. Banamine. Stall her up for a couple of days to rest it. Maybe even wrap it with vet wrap. Poor thing. If she continues to limp very badly for more than 2 or 3 days, you might consider an xray.
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    I agree, no expert here, but that she's eating and you've ruled out hoof infection, her big belly must have thrown her off balance if she was butted.

    A sprain will show gradual improvement, but a bone break won't. If it's sprained, it's probably as big as it will get now, but a broken bone will show itself by the doe getting more depressed, guarding the foot more, etc, over the next couple of days.

    Wrapping it will make it hurt less too, and if she is walking on it, it will stabilize the ligaments and prevent more injury. It also improves the circulation, believe it or not, to wrap a swollen joint.
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    hehehe this made me imagine a bunch of heavily pregnant women holding onto their bellies and ramming each other, and trying not to fall over.....silly goats:)