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Healthy Dairy Heifers 4-Sale in Missouri

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Morningland Dairy has been very blessed lately with an overabundence of healthy bouncing heifer calves born to some very nice cows. We just do not need to keep them all.
We have three heifers we are putting up for sale at this time. They were born in November, two are 3/4 Jersey-1/4 Holstien, one is 1/2 Jersey-1/2 Holstien. We are milking their dams and they are all out of good cows. The 1/2 Jersey is dark brown/black with a few white patches/speckles and the 3/4Jerseys are fawn with white. They all had two days of colostrum, never been sick, very healthy girls. They are on cow milk at this time.
Morningland Dairy is a grazing dairy, using minimal grain, we do not use unnecesary drugs and try to be as natural as possible.
Price is $400 cash.
I will be taking pictures today of the 3rd calf and the other two dams. Please be patient.
Thank you!

#32's heifer(3/4 Jersey):

#32 herself 3 days fresh and just milked out.

#49's Heifer(3/4 Jersey):

#49 herself 5 days fresh and just milked out:

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Smoki's Heifer(1/2 Jersey):

Smoki herself 17 days fresh and just milked out:

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Thanks all!:)
The first calf pictured(#32's heifer) is sold pending payment. The others may be spoken for as well. I'll update as soon as I am sure.
#49's Heifer and Smoki's Heifer still available at this time.
Just realized after going through my records and pictures that I posted the wrong pictures of "Smoki's calf". That heifer actually belongs to #51. We would also sell #51's calf so here are the pictures as they should be.


Smoki's heifer:

#51 is one of our oldest cows. But she is still going strong and milks well.

#51's heifer:

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Would you be interested in trading for some milk goats? LOL
One thing I certainly already have enough of......LOL!!:)
I'm sorry this has taken a while to update, I was away. These heifer calves are all sold. They are not AI bred, but out of a Jersey bull here on the farm.
Thanks for the interest!!
LOL! Took those calves two hours away to meet the "buyer" and he thought he was getting all three heifers for the $400. I'm back home with them and they are still available.:rolleyes:
I hate it when that happens! Sometimes people just don't get it. And, sometimes I think they have no intentions of buying in the first place. They use the old "I thought the price was for all of them" as a scape goat. Did you ever get them sold?
Yes, we sold the two 3/4 Jersey heifers, and the other two are now weaned and off the market. We now have two more 3/4 Jersey heifers available. We are still getting a lot of heifers. So far its 18 heifers to 7 bulls! More cows calving soon.
Wow 18 heifers! No wonder you have been so busy! I went to transfer the pics of the little(well, not really) heifer we got and my computer glitched, so I lost the pics in the computer and on the camera.....grrrrr! I am going to try again tomorrow hopefully I will have better results.
Yes, and 19 dry cows due to calve pretty soon. 10 more in the milk herd that need dried off.....
Lookin' forward to pics of the little girl.:)
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