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  1. aaatraker

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    Jul 26, 2004
    Those of you who don't have either through work, what do you use?
    Any company names would be helpful. Looking for a plan to cover hospital costs, will pay cash for office visits.

  2. melinda

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    Feb 12, 2004
    se AZ
    I did like I do with everything these days: looked online. I used and found a health insurance company through them. So far so good.

  3. Hoop

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    Jan 1, 2003
    Northern Wisconsin
    I am in the process of changing my health insurance from Fortis Insurance to American Medical Security Group which can be accessed through

    You are in for some bad news when it comes to health insurance. In this day & age of the Bush pro-corporate era, obscene premiums are the norm.

    You will most likely need to purchase health insurance that has a deductable of at least $2500/yearly or it will cost you through the nose. Actually, it will still cost you through the nose.

    The bad thing about todays health insurance is that one never knows how good the insurance is until one has to make a claim.
    I'll give you an example. My brother & his wife had Golden Rule Health Insurance for years. He had ringing in one of his ears and went to see a physician an one of the local clinics. The total bill for services came to $700. Now, his deductible at the time was $1500/yearly, so he knew Golden Rule wasn't going to pay a dime. Well, not only did Golden Rule not pay a dime, they only allowed $150 of the $700 of the medical costs to be APPLIED towards his yearly deductible. Golden Rule explained that the costs were "Excessive" and they were justified in applying only $150 TOWARDS THE DEDUCTIBLE. Of course the costs were EXCESSIVE. If medical costs weren't excessive, none of us would need health insurance.

    In my opinion, this is outright corporate fraud. Be afraid. Be very afraid when it comes to choosing health insurance.
  4. Alice In TX/MO

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    May 10, 2002
    Texas Coastal Bend/S. Missouri
    All health insurance companies do is collect premiums and then look for ways NOT to pay the claims. That's how they make money for stock holders. They are not in business to take care of you, they are in business to make money.
  5. TamarackTillie

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    Nov 1, 2003
    BEWARE OF HEALTHCARE ADVANTAGE!! BAD! Why is it that the uninsured of America aren't able to somehow develope a group of their own? And now a days trying to find a job that offers insurance for families or insurance period is getting so hard. When dh had insurance it was BC/BS and I thought they were good to deal with. He lost his job almost a year ago. He felt his employer was skimming money off his pay so he talked to his employer about it. Not even two weeks went by and he was fired. Just like that. Over the phone. We lost all our insurance. We did take his employer to the Wage & Hour and employer was found guilty and had to reimburse us but because there wasn't anything in writing we didn't get all monies owed. He was able to find another job but w/o insurance. In September he fell from his log truck and tore his ACL. Had surgery last Thursday and found that his cartiliage was blown out too. Good thing for Workers Comp......sorry I went on.
    I wish you the best in your search for insurance :)
  6. diane greene

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    May 12, 2002
    As small business owners we had to sacrifice having medical insurance - not something I would have done if I had children. NY now offers small buisness owners a reasonable HMO plan, although it does have limits, it is the first plan we think we can afford. If you are a small business owner, your state might offer a similar plan.

    It's embarrassing that a country like ours cannot get together a basic health care system to cover it's citizens. I have relatives in France who have a small dairy goat farm and they often comment how backwards the US is when it comes to supporting small farms and health care. We need to get over this idea that investing in the health of our people is somehow giving away freebies to the lazy.
  7. BCR

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    Jun 24, 2002
    Small business owners and the self-employed can get reasonable insurance through from Mega-Life (ALliance PPO). I have used it for surgeries and basic care for over 6 years (I want un-insured for a long time). It is cafeteria so you pick what you want and what the deductible is.

    There are going to be horror stories about every insurance, but with the cost of health care these days I find it prudent to have catastrophic coverage as a minimum.
  8. BackwoodsIdaho

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    Nov 2, 2004
    Health insurance is an emotional topic to be sure. However, the previous poster complaining that health insurance costs is because of "Bush's pro corporate era" is completely off base. Health insurance premiums have been outpacing inflation and cost of living for several reasons:

    1. Trial attorneys sue for malpractice. This increases the cost of malpractice insurance and requires drs and hospitals to do more unneeded tests to cover themselves in case they are sued for some perceived failure.

    2. More expensive tests - CAT/MRI/PET's were not routine years ago but now they are with the resulting costs.

    3. People living longer - better health care (provided for the most part by insurance) keeps people alive longer and they rack up more costs that are spread over the rest of us

    4. Trial attorneys again - drug companies have to build a large amount of self insurance for product liability into their costs due to lawsuits, mostly class action

    5. Society's belief that health care should be universally available meaning that a lot of cost is written off and reflected in even more expensive charges

    6. People wanting health insurance to cover everything not just the catrostrophic problems. A $500 deductible is nothing in terms of health expenses. If everyone were to carry a $5000 deductible, I bet health care costs would drop dramatically because use would go down. No more colds going to the emergency room and racking up $800 charges

    So, before you go bashing Bush and corporate america, get your facts straight and stop looking for a handout.

    That said, I would stay away from MegaLife based on articles I read in teh Wall Street Journal regarding their failure to pay claims. I would look at an HSA or MSA policy from a non profit carrier such as Blue Cross. And, make sure you get insurance before you need it. If you have a serious health problem, you are uninsurable or will be put into your state's high risk pool if one exists