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Hazards of HTML Haste

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My little girl and I were nearly killed yesterday by a driver making haste - I suspect to church. This bugs me, being a church-goer myself.

What also bugs me is how many church and charity websites I run into that virtually kill-off their ability to encourage visits, donations and other objectives by web sites that are rushed into production without taking time to test.

Some of the problems I've seen along these lines include:
  • embarrassing typos and misspellings
  • lack of cross-browser support
  • confusing &/or inconsistent navigation
  • broken links and images
That said, how many here design web pages - and of that group - how many are even aware that there are at least two distinctly different types of testing that should be performed before fielding a web site?

I've cited some more examples on a related post over on my blog, but will have as much fun discussing it here as there ...
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I think you also have to remember that many smaller churches can't afford to have a professional site done, so they enlist the help of the only computer literate soul they have -- the teenage kid from the youth group.

Trouble with the kid is that he has never been on dial-up service in his life, so has no idea how long it takes a page to load on it, is into flashy heavy graphics, and has no clue how to spell; let alone an eye for design.

The church is just so thrilled to have it's own website, they don't even "see" the errors or problems; and if they do, they feel it would be critical to correct the poor kid. After all, he just made a website and, to those who barely know how to turn a computer off and on, the kid's a genius!

Zookeepper, post the link. I'd love to see your site!
Exactly. The problem is, the church doesn't understand that; thus the poor websites. They think it seems fine...go figure! :shrug:
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