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I was out fishing. I came back to the resort cabin after dark. The garbage cans were right by the door. I got nailed. We burned the clothes. Put rocks in my boots and dropped them off the end of the dock. After a week in the lake they were OK.

I was out pheasant hunting and both dogs got hit. We treated them with Odor Mute and drove home with the windows rolled up.

This is great stuff. Everyone who lives in the country or has a dog should keep a box on hand. It's a powder so you can keep a box in the glove compartment for years. Just mix with water and soak the effected parts. It also worked on cat pee. One of the tenants I inherited when I bought an apartment building had cats that sprayed in a corner on the hardwood floors. It also came in handy when my weimaraner puppy decided it was fun to kill a skunk and bring it home. It took 4 times to convince him that I was not amused.
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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