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Posted 1/15/21 1:37 AM CST

My dog and I got sprayed when I was in my early teens. As my father and grandfather washed me and the dog in tomato juice in the barn and burned my clothes in the burn barrel, they laughed and said every country boy and his tag along dog has had at least one skunk spray as far back as they could remember.

While they were scrubbing us down, one of them added that the skunk spray was also skunks musk sexing scent.

I got them both gut laughing by saying they should be glad people didn't use a hot to trot musk like that , because if we did, I wouldn't be giving them any grandkids or great grandkids.

That tomato juice , let set, rinse ,repeat bath was the longest two hours I have spent.

25 years later we had two skunks that would keep their tails holstered and beg scraps from us graveyard shifters on the picnic table patio during our 1 AM lunch break.

One guy I went to high school with dropped out in 10th grade and he and his son operate a critter catcher service and they make high five figure yearly incomes catching and relocating possums , skunks, snakes , raccoons, coyotes and such from houses and commercial properties to conservation department forest areas.
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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