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    Jun 9, 2004
    I don't think it quite deserves a laugh...but a smile, yes...(I have a compulsion to not do things the standard way, and this is how I pay the price...)

    I was SO proud of my first pineapple...I have about six pineapple plants I have grown in pots for over a year (we rent so I can't plant in-gound, hope to move next month, finally, and will have ground to move my potteds into). Yesterday I checked my pineapple and guess what? It's going to be the first three-inch pineapple I even saw! Enough for about two pineapple rings!

    I also had experimented with planting some potato peelings with sprouting eyes on them...got about 10% success on them...oh, well...

    I was going to try to raise some stevia plants...got my one stevia plant (money's tight with the move trying to happen, etc.) in the LAST shipment the seed company makes in the calendar year...and guess what? My CATS loved it...to death! I re-planted the stem and roots and are still hanging on to faint hope that it will come back out from one of the "nodes" (if that's what you call where the leaves are attached)...the stem still shows green a month after the trauma...(I think I've found another source, but I'm going to wait until I can get one of those paid-in-advance credit cards because I'm a little nervous about who these people are, and I don't want to give some unknown person my "real" credit card.)

    We have walking onions that grow around here wild...I took some bulblets and planted them in seedling trays...I planted some just barely in the soil and some down about an inch...and guess what? "germination" rate of ZERO...nada...total loss...but it might be because we've gotten a fair amount of rain lately...so, start over again, IF I can find some more bulblets... (I'm going to use some local wild walking onions, I remember them growing at my granfather's farm when I was little, and when my Dad mowed the grass there the odor reminded me of my mother's spaghetti sauce...)

    My orchid my daughter gave me for Mother's Day last year tried to make another flower "spike" and it rotted off...but at least the plant is still ok...but I think I need to get it out of the rain, it looks kind of puny now...

    But most of my other 100 or so plants are doing well...some of them are growing so fast I'm going to have to re-pot before we move, or they will crowd-out the plants they share pots with...so I'm not really complaining, mostly kind of chuckling at my own eccentricities...

    Hope this gives someone a smile...
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    Dec 9, 2004
    :) I never will grow a pineapple too cold here but I loved your story if you can send a pic of it.