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Helena said:
I was at Parkland Hospital, waiting for a friend to get out of recovery after surgery. There's nothing to do but talk with others in that kind of situation and I had the blessing to meet a man who was waiting for his wife to come out of recovery too. He was once sent out with a cousin by their grandfather. Each boy (about 11-12 of age) was given a knife and 24 hours to live off the land without help. His cousin could not begin to figure out how to do it, but this man had been taught how to build a lean-to, hunt with snare traps and build a campfire. 48 hours later, his grandfather had to pull him in from the hillside. He now owns a farm, pays a cattleman for a calf and a year's worth of feed, and the cattleman butchers the yearling for him. He raises chickens for eggs and meat, gardens, and the like. He drives a horse and buggy into town. He'd do more, but he's not able to get around well after somebody dropped a refrigerator on him from a 2nd story window. His wife buys things like flour and sugar and toilet paper, but for the food, they do just fine without the stores and cheaper too.
I want a similar set up with a solar passive house partially buried to limit the need for heating and cooling. Hopefully, that won't be much longer. :yeeha: Judi
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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