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I was taught and live country ways if it contributes to my comfort in the environment I find myself. I feel no yearning to prove to anyone that I am able to do it. I simply rely on what I have learned or teach myself as the environment dictates. I had a totally off grid cabin hideaway that by utilizing sluce fed branch water, water tower, wood heater and 12 volt water driven generator and batteries , I was capable of providing the convienences that I enjoy on grid, however , I prefer not having to expend extra labor to achieve those convienences if possible. As my grandfather told me, "Hard work was made for mules and they turn their butt to it. Use your learned skills and all the tools at your disposal to avoid hard work whenever possible." Now I live in an all electric home with well , propane and wood backup and rely on an agricultural, merchandising and investment based income source . I utilize internet technology to shop, pay bills etc. so that I do not have to associate with society physically unless I choose to.

In a sense I did "ditch it all", but my ditching included people and accepted social functioning in favor of comfortable solitude.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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