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  1. Had four ewes that developed an extremely hard udder after lambing but to my surprise no milk. I gave a shot of oxytocin to facilitate let down of milk but to no avail. My vet suggested it could mean the ewes have opp. I went on the internet and did find info that suggested it is opp as well. I would really like to hear about other peoples experiance with this problem. I took the lambs to be raised on the bottle and the ewes will be culled.
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    Ovine Progresive Pnuemonia, or Maedi Visna, it has a goat version too, Caprine Arthritis. It's the number one reason I use all new needles for injections and cull cull cull anything suspicious. Its passed in crowded barns (air dropplets and through blood and other body fluids, and through milk/colostrum in lambs. You can blood test for it, but test older animals as it is a progressive disease. A major nasty so if you can buy from a high health status flock to start, you're better off. You could have had a mastitis problem and major scarring of the udder too, but it doesn't sound good. Were they thinish and stiff jointed too?