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It's very cold and very dark tonight, but it's time to care for the animals.

I go out to the 140 year barn and FLIP ON OUR NEWLY INSTALLED ELECTIRC LIGHTS!.

For the first time in 4 years - no flashlights or lanterns - no extensions cords, including the occasional shock. ;(

Gather the eggs in a jiffy, including the ones one floor - check on the expecting ewes - watch the cats run around. :)

We have got motion activated floodlights, switched flood lights, upstairs lights and plenty of outlets, for heat lamps and deicers.

I could almost imagine how the old farmers felt, when the REA came through, giving those dark barns light for the first time.

Talk about blessed ;)

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Oh yes :) Congratulations on the new lighting! It's amazing to me how little it takes to make a farmer or homesteader happy. (compared to what many people NEED just to make it through the day)
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