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Had the neighbor down the road over for coffee to discuss her Jersey heifer calf. She gave me all the organic real food contacts I've been lacking- food coop and her fellow church family (she buys from them now- her calf still over young to marry yet) which sells cow shares locally. My two girls enjoyed meeting four of her girls and she expects a fifth daughter will be another nice playmate for my younger.

She is also a fellow army wife (retired in her case) and I think we got along great discussing our common and disparate experiences beliefs and interests. Don't think she holds my lack of religion and our public schooling against me- and while she says she'll never be a feminist when I 'admitted' I am one, I think we are not that far apart on such issues. She explained how she aims for gezillig (Dutch) in her family life. How surprised I was to see it (internet) as a synonym for the German Gemutlich, which DH had just recently thanked me for giving him. "comforts of home"

So I am in hopes of soon getting raw more importantly to me unhomogenized Jersey milk (I won't wait to see if she has any extra from her heifer), and also of someday seeing her garden and getting my DH to meet her family. (One son is a musical savant like DH and I expect if they have any music in common- Xian rock and heavy metal don't intersect too much- they will have a nice jam session. And he plays the mandolin which instrument I gave DH at Xmas and he has yet to solve that puzzle.)
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