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Lacy, no reason you can't do it.
Do the cieling first. Then the wall sheetrock will cover the ends that don't always come out even.
Then I always do the ways vertical. If the walls are about 8 feet tall, then you can suport the sheetrock with a special tool that levers up the sheetrock as you step on the tool. The tool is really just a bent piece of sheet metal. With it I have done drywall by myself. Not that I recommend doing it by yourself. But it can be done.
Ceiling first, covering the corner with the wall with the vertical sheetrock, then cover the little gap at the bottom with baseboard.
Actually, the guy I learned from liked to not use baseboard so everyone could see that he had done a perfect job and didn't need baseboard to cover anything. But I found that I have things to cover unless I work too slow.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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