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You have my empathy as you two work on this project together. My DH and i did most of the drywall ourselves to save money--and i will second the save your marriage and hire someone advice! :D I have not so fond memories of the two of us trying to hang ceiling drywall. we made a brace of a couple of 2x4 so that the piece could be proped up--it was like a T. you probably have the specs for one in your how-to book, but it did help us. We hung our ceilings first and then hung horizontal--that's how my dear father said we should do it-- and since he was doing gen contr for free, we didn;t argue!

You will be amazed at what the finishing can cover, just don;t get in a hurry when you go to tape and finish. It may take more passes and sandings to get it just right than you would like--but the finished project will be worth it. You might also look into having the walls texturized. it is a very small cost compared to the other finishing costs-- and it really adds to the finished look, and hides some flaws(ceilings esspecially).
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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