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I'm with Sdrew on this one too. The drywall man is worth every...I repeat EVERY penny you pay him. The how to books say anyone can hang drywalll ..which is true....but not everyone can do it right and get it smooth. Hanging and finishing
drywall with your beloved is the quickest way I know to end up in the divorce court or facing a murder charge. It doesnt matter what method you use, its gonna be a pain in the neck. Hire a Drywall man. You wont regret it for a minute. And think of the pleasure of walking into the house in 3 days time to smooth perfectly taped and mudded walls ready for primer and paint. Ohhh Bliss OOHHHH Rapture. and NO Im not a drywall man nor do I play one on TV. Just bitter experience.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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