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Agree with the ceiling jack. Rent one for the day and do all ceilings that day. Some rental stores give you free Sundays if you rent Saturday and return first thing Monday morning. If you have the time use it on the wall top sheet. Sheet rock is hung across the studs not with them. For ceilings glue and screw. If you have any stud to out of straight shim with cardboard or shave a little off to true it up a little. For the do it yourselfer I recommend marking the stud / screw lines, only take a second and can be a big help getting the screw in the correct spot especially on the ceilings. If you have seams on the non tapered side of the rock be sure to stagger them. No 4 way intersections of seams if possible. Be careful to not hit any wires in the wall with screws. Make sure you have phone wires, etc., run to every room. Also for the do it yourself person it is easier to hang then tape. Do you closets at the end of the job and use the smaller scraps if they fit rather then cutting into a new sheet. There is a cheap tip for your drill that sets the screw at correct depth with small dimple. Not to deep or sticking out to far to mess up your tape job. If you can feel a screw with a dry trowel it is not deep enough and will mess up your tape job. Take care installing your corner bead. No dents nailed tight and square to the wall. If it moves you can not tape it right.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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