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This is our third and none of them have ever bitten anyone. Lack of training perhaps? GSD are smarter than most people, so unless one is willing to spend time and effort with one, they shouldn't have one. They aren't an ornamental dog you just take out for photo ops. They need a job and one on one with their person.

On the other hand, ours have always been excellent judges of character. Perhaps there is an issue with the people he bit? ;)
I think that’s a lot of the problem that people have with dogs today. The trusty old mutt makes a great companion, but the pure breeds are more like sports cars. People put hundreds of years and hundreds of generations into developing breeds with very specific purposes, and it’s hard for a dog to forget his engineering.

People want a recognizable breed just like they want a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but then, like when they fail a high-bred dog, run into a hard lesson when they realize they don’t know how to drive a manual transmission. You can buy a GSD or a Pointer that’s been removed from its training for a few generations, but, even then, it’s a crap shoot and you may end up with a working dog when what you really wanted was a fashion statement.

Even with mutts, you sometimes end up with more horsepower than you were shopping for. I’ve got a well-bred GSP, and I failed him by not training and hunting him as hard as I should have. When I realized I wasn’t up to the challenge of a Ferrari, I resigned myself to just getting my dogs from the shelter. That said, my last one appears to be a mix of Pit and Plot Hound, and he ended up with all the Plottie drive.

I’ve learned to manage him and keep him between the lines, but he’d have lived his best life as a worker- and, with the right audition, would have had the military guys considering adding Plots to the stable alongside the Malinois.
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