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Diet can help quite a bit... I'd start there, certainly. A daily brushing can really help gather up some of the excess, too.

Sphynxs, we-ll... they're friendly kitties, but they do need special care. They seem to be more expensive than other pedigreed kitties, I know a girlfriend of mine has been looking for her third and was THRILLED to find a nonregistered kitten for a thousand.

I adore my bengals, they hardly shed at all unless stressed or hot, but they aren't exactly couch potatoes... very active, vocal, curious little cats; owning one (in my case, six) is like having a toddler running around. They're wonderful, but certainly not for everyone.

I can't speak as to the temperament of the rexes, just haven't met many.

Please remember, though, any animal is likely to have something inconvenient about it, so I wouldn't go getting rid of my current pets to find one supposedly less inconvenient. ;)
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