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    Years ago (at least 25) I was at one of those craft shows with vendors from everywhere, very few were local. Sort of like Floridas pioneer days people that travel around and sell wares that they have crafted theirselves. I found a vendor that sold the cutest fabric covered wire hair ties. One was white eyelet lace, one was denim, there were prints. The way they were used is they were folded in half with your hair pulled up or back or wherever you wanted the finished roll to sit, and you just rolled the hair up with the wire right against your scalp, then just twist the whole works into a sort of bun. The finished product was attractive and held my fine slippery hair all day and even overnight without damage. I would like to acquire a handful of these again if anyone recognizes this description and knows of a source. I suppose I could make some myself if I could figure out what kind of wire it was. I know it was bent and re-bent and the wire never broke. The fabric was a simple sleeve tied into a knot at either end of the wire. Simple. Any one have a clue what kind of wire that would be? It wasn't real thick, maybe as thick as angel hair pasta.
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    Gosh - I had some of those too and they were great! Thanks for posting those links.