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'Guess bunnies are "morning people"!

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Yesterday afternoon, I put Polly in with Basil and Basil nearly went to sleep. I put Patches in with Tao and she (normally a reliable breeder) wasn't having any. Tao gave up after a few tries. I gave them all the stew-pot lecture, but I don't think they believed me.

This morning, Patches lifted for Tao right away. Polly, the saucy little wench, humped Basil until he got the idea and then he returned the favour three times. Tuppence is still resisting. I gave her the stewpot lecture again. But now that Basil has his act together, perhaps he can convince her that a family would be a good idea.

I'm marking the calendar!

I guess bunnies are "morning people"!
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Hmmm, I'll have to try that, how much of a morning are we talking though, morning as in 10-11 am ish after I've had my morning coffee, or morning as in "OMG the sun isn't even up yet" morning?

I did get 5 does to breed today, Seems like once one of them did it, the others all wanted to too! Although for one doe, the FOURTH buck was the charm! I was standing it front of his cage, waiting for someone else to finish, Lump is in the other bucks cage, being, well, a lump... Boo is doing his darndest to convince me that he is a mighty stud and deserves a doe too. Yes, I must be nuts, since I can immagine him telling me, pick me pick me, I can do it!

So, I gave him Lump, and he did. Three times. What a good boy!
I suppose it might be a case of 'the earlier the better" but this was certainly after 10 AM...

Good for your Boo... You must have felt as pleased with him as I was with Basil. Of course, Polly gets a lot of credit for "seducing" him.

Tuppence is on borrowed time. The only reason she is still around is because we were waiting to see if she'd respond better to a new buck. When she can be persuaded to breed, she has good strong litters of 8-9 and is a good, if not devoted, mother. Not quite as good as her momma, Patches, but then Patches is such an exceptional momma.

One more round tomorrow morning, Patches with Tao since he only managed once and Tuppence with Basil. Maybe he'll sweet-talk her overnight and tell her what she's missing... Their cages are side by side.
Yes, my rabbits are like that too. I find they are most receptive right around dawn.

The last time I let my buck have a conjical visit, my daughter had a friend over, spending the night. It actually woke her up when she heard all the racket in the room, and when she went in to see what it was, there were the two rabbits doing the dirty.

I suppose they're "frisky' at that time of the day?

I can watch mine go at it from my dining room window as I'm having my first cup of java in the morning..
They are it seems more frisky at the crack of dawn..
Gary H.
That makes sense to me. When I go out to feed the bunnies in the morning you would think I have a herd of elephants out there. What a racket! They are very active all morning then they usually lie around like lumps all afternoon. As a matter of fact, if I get a phone call in the moring I have to leave the garage because it's hard to hear anything over the noise of them all throwing their wood blocks around at the same time! When I put a doe in with a buck in the morning he can fall off her as many as four times. When I put them together in the afternoon, he's not really interested.
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