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Grr... rant & question re: furniture repair

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Okay, so my weekend isn't starting off on the right foot... I've been frantically coordinating a surprise party for my mom's 60th birthday (tomorrow), parents are staying at my house tonight and they brought their two dogs, as usual. One of the dogs is under a year old, and she's Little Miss Destruct-o. She's fine when people are home, but if she's left alone, sometimes she behaves herself, but sometimes she shreds things. So whenever we leave, we put Demon Puppy in a large wire dog crate to keep her out of trouble.

We went out shopping this afternoon and put her in the crate, which was "parked" in a corner next to our sofa. Got home a few hours later, let her out, and a little while after that, I noticed that the sofa was really squished against the crate, to the point where the crate wall was actually bowed in. Went in for a closer look-- and discovered that Demon Dog must've attempted to bring some of the sofa inside the crate with her-- she chewed 2 softball-sized holes in the arm cushion, from INSIDE her crate.

The fabric's not just torn-- she actually chewed big holes out of it, so I can't just stitch it together... it's going to need to be reupholstered. :grit:

So I've been looking online trying to get info on how to go about having this repaired. (Parents are horrified and offered to pay for whatever it costs to fix it.) Most of what I've found locally seems to be geared more towards vehicle upholstery, not furniture upholstery. Do people usually specialize in one or the other, or is an upholsterer an upholsterer?

We bought the sofa at Ashley Furniture about 4 years ago, so I'll probably stop by there once this party is over and see if they do repairs, or know where to direct me, but I'd like to know roughly how much $$ these things cost before they go charging me an arm and a leg.

So, does anyone have a CLUE what this might cost to fix? The fabric is microfiber, in a pretty common solid color (sage green).
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Ashley offers an ins. when you buy, i bought it for my leather sofas i bought 2 years ago, knowing my demon grandson's ability to destroy. They do have folks that come out to do repairs.
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