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Growing your own food just a hobby?

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In some ‘discussions’ with DW, the point has been made that my growing vegetables, and raising animals for milk, meat and eggs, are no different than her raising flowers. It is strictly a “hobby”, as she says she can get vegetables cheap, for example, 3 ears of corn for a dollar.

Somehow in my mind, I had deluded myself into thinking food production was more than a sport. I find my motivation slipping away.
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I live in the 'burbs with a small yard and limited means to grow veggies. I still do it, and will apologize to no one. There is much more to growing ones own food than simply putting calories on the table. For me it is a connection to the earth and to my history. I was raised by my grandparents who only bought the staples at the store; flour, sugar, tea, coffee, salt. The rest came from our six acres. By growing my few tomatoes, peppers and other stuff I am honoring their memory. It is as much spiritual as it is ecomonics.

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