Growing grapes from seed

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    I had real good luck growing grapes from seed just to see if I could. My question is they are from the grocery store. Will they be the same kind of grape or will they be something else/different?
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    Mar 2, 2006
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    Grafted grapes and hybrids rarely grow true to seed. Usually you do not want them to. Unless you want to develop your own hybrid, the best practice is to grow a native root stock that is disease and drought tolerant and graft a desirable top to it. Once you have a top with good wood, you can use it as a source for your grafts.

    The grapes that grow wild (Mustangs and Muscats) do not produce good fruit with the exception of the cultivated Muscats. The Mustangs are quite acidic and do not form bunches.

    For a good source of varieties and root stocks, take a look at Double A Vinyards in New York.