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diane said:
I use grow lights all winter. They make the electric bill go up some, but for me it is far cheaper than medications for depression that I get without them. Then there is the wonderful feeling I get growing lettuce, radishes, tomatoes and cukes all winter and the flowers. Plus, I never have to buy expensive bedding plants for my flower gardens, or any veggies plants.

Diane, I used flourescent lights to start my seeds for the first time last year, and it went well, but that was timed so that when they became seedlings I moved them outside into the garden (zone 5a)

What do you do to grow things to completion inside? Are you growing in regular potting soil or regular outside dirt? Once the seedlings sprout, do you then transplant to bigger pots and different types of light setup? Inquiring minds want to know...thanks!
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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