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I used grow lights(as described in some of the posts two shop lights with a total of 4 bulbs) for the first time last year they were working fine but I ended up in the hospital for several days the lights were on and no one home to water the plants so I came home to dried plants. I hope I have better luck this year. As to cost I use four bulbs at 40 watts each or a total of 160 watts muliplied by the 16 hours a day I leave them on for a total of 2.56 kilowatts per day I pay about 5.5 cents for electricity so it comes out close to 14 cents a day. I have a total of 8 sq ft of growing space under the lights for about $4.20 a month. I would love to have a small greenhouse but figure with the heat I would also have to provide the growlights are a good compromise.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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