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Every once in awhile all the planets line up and everything goes perfect. I took the dog for a walk down a minimum maintenance road at dusk this evening. Almost all the leaves are still on the trees. Usually, you can hear grouse taking off but never see them. Tonight the pup smelled a grouse, dove into the woods, sniffed it out, and flushed it. I caught a few glimpses of it through some holes in the leaves, swung on it, shot a bit early when it went behind some thicker stuff just before crossing the road, and dropped it right in the middle of the road.

It was a young bird. The crop was full of bits of apples. I have to go look back in the woods where it was and see if there is an old apple tree there.

If I was a turkey hunter, had heavy loads in the gun, and a full choke in the barrel, I could have nailed 2 turkeys too. I drove through a flock of 20 trying to cross the road just before I stopped at the end of the minimum maintenance road. Several stopped at the edge of the trees about 20 yards away and watched the pup run around on the road while I loaded the shotgun.

A very good evening.
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