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    This seems to be an interesting place to find people who want to escape the rat race for a more civilized lifestyle!

    As for me, after too many years of planning and preparing I have finally started in earnest toward having a working farm. I now live in the house where my great-grandparents lived and my dad lived. So far I have build nearly enough fence and am preparing shelter for my alpacas, which have become my children. My goal is to move as close as possible to complete self-sufficiency and in spite of the late start am optimistic about making it all work. As with everything, there is a strong element of trial and error in spite of the best efforts to be prepared before acting. I am hoping to benefit from the experiences of others and at the same time share my own adventures for the benefit of others.

    In spite of dealing with more than sufficient, well, outside pressures, I also have on my list of things to do planting my second peach tree, planting the English walnut and pecan trees I have acquired, and also a couple of blueberry bushes. I intend to grow my own vegetables (even if it is too late for to be done this year, again) and grain crops. So far, the biggest accomplishment here is to have acquired the equipment necessary to do so. Needless to say, you just can't run a farm without chickens! I am eccentric enough that I have my mind set on Araucana derivatives since I particularly enjoy the colored eggs. I am sure I am not alone in having the end goal of something resembling Old MacDonald's Farm!
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    Hunter63 Saying Hey and Welcome....From Wisconsin.

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    Welcome, looking forward to hearing about your journey. Especially interested in the alpacas something I have no knowledge of but would love to learn about.