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    Nov 26, 2002
    A friend has a used greenhouse he'd like to sell. We've been toying with the idea of getting a relatively inexpensive greenhouse for a number of years. I have very little idea of what to look for and at when we go to look at this. It is 20x48 and will need new plastic. Other than that he thinks all the parts are there. It does need new particle board but I have no idea where that would go. Maybe he is using that in the ends? He says it has most if not all the pressure treated lumber parts. What else should I look at? Any "do"s or "don't"s when buying used? Recommendations on where to get plastic? Double vs single thickness of plastic? He does have the pump to pump the air between layers. If I don't want to go the full 48' is it possible with most setups to leave out some sections to make it shorter? Anything else I should ask but don't know to ask? :eek: I'm kind of clueless on this.
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    Is this a hoophouse or other form?

    Look at how the greenhouse was installed and how easy it will be to dismantle, remove, and reinstall. Especially see how it was held to the ground, whether the sectino supports are sunk in concrete or not (how to get them out?). 20 x 48 isn't very big once you start to use it and it will take more time to reconfigure it. How is it ventilated? How is it cooled, if it is cooled. New plastic should cost you a few hundred dollars even if its single ply.

    In my opinion a used greenhouse without plastic should not cost much. Most of the value is in the site prep and floor, and in erecting it.

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    I've been ordering most of my greenhouse stuff from FarnTek. shadowwalker
    P.S. order off the net, I get it in about 4 or 5 days.
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    Hello I just built my first greenhouse and it cost us a total of $600.00 for everything except 18 tree post I used instead of 2"x4" T sidewall I was planning to use,money was short and trees plentyful so did the next best thing.There are many places to purchase plastic
    here is one and look in Mother Earth online classified for Bob and Marge in Neche N.D., they are located near Canada on the high plains and it gets cold and hot extreme so if you want the best and you live in the tundra,might want to find Bob and Marge, otherwise i Live in Tennessee and finished mine March 1, and used 6mm which you can get 100'x20' for $65.00 or 2 layers for $130.00 one inside one out, I designed mine so I could roll long sides of plastic to top center of greenhouse in hot of summer and cover to prevent uv damage, I have read many who swear by this kind of plastic and say factory greenhouse plastic will do well to last 3 years,do the math and the way I designed mine it takes 4-7 hours max for one person to apply 1 layer, I built this project 100% by myself and promise you it will be easy for anyone who can use a hammer, drill, and saw to build this one because I have worked all the kinks out, if it is to be built wider than 16' a small 220 welder for welding rebar together will be necessary,but folks it is hard to heat a monster but one or more 16"x40" greenhouses like this one and 2 $6.00 homemade barrel stoves will be a blessing and will heat each one(look far end Barrel Stove).
    Look folks I am willing to help guide you through the whole project if by the love of Jesus when we are 100% through you bless me with a donation only if what I say is true and you are well pleased, fair enough you choose how much and if you send too much I will send extra back, I love Jesus people.

    Found Bob in Neche N.D. Bob’s TOUGH PLASTIC. (Also pond liners, tarpaulins). Resists hailstones, snowstorms, yellowing. Samples: two stamps appreciated! Box 42ME, Neche, ND 58265. 204-327-5540 daily.
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    You can never be too rich or too thin or have too much greenhouse space. If the price is right--go get her!

    Steel and gasoline are not going to get cheaper.