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  1. Caelma

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    Mar 7, 2005
    I am seriously considering building a greenhouse.
    Have much reading and research to do.
    For those of you with greenhouses, can you give some tips, do's and don'ts.
    What are you growing in your greenhouses?
    How much does a greenhouse increase your growing season?
    Anyone out here in colder climates with greenhouses? How is it working for you?
  2. Marcia in MT

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    May 11, 2002
    northcentral Montana
    Most people don't realize what efficient solar collectors greenhouses are . . . and don't allow for adequate ventilation. Even in subzero temperatures, the automatic vents in our greenhouses open -- so we have to be very careful of which plants can go in that area as the air can get pretty cold. In summer, they can heat up like an oven, so ventilation is even more important and they can also be shaded.

    They also lose all that heat right back out at night, so in a cold climate, they'll need to be heated. You can also try covering either the plants or the house (or both) with bubble wrap. But it'll need to be removed during the day so the plants will get enough light. I'm thinking that's too much work for me!

    Look for Eliot Coleman's books; he has a lot of good, tried-and-true northern winter growing methods.