Grapefruit trees

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  1. dixiedoodle

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    Feb 27, 2006
    Have a question. I have some grapefruits a neighbor brought back from fla. I have planted the seeds. Will they ever bear fruit? Next question.I have some orange plants,One 2-feet tall, neighbor said they will NEVER bear unless they are budded on another tree. Step by step directions, please. Have never done this. Also my avacado has started sprouting. I just love starting and see what things do. Never know what they will grow-up and be!! !!! Planted my banana sure enough, have 23 trees now. !!!!!!!!! :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:
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    Mar 9, 2006
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    yes, they will bear fruit but will produce the rootstock they originated from. Mostly the sour orange rootsock. This is also true of the grapefruit. You have to bud the variety of orange or grapefruit that you want to the rootstock to have the sweet fruit variety. The navel orange is a true "sport", and must be budded to rootstock to produce the fruit, since it has no seeds.

  3. A.T. Hagan

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    Both will bear fruit... eventually. Seedling citrus trees can take as little as four years to as much as twelve to fifteen depending on the variety and the conditions.

    What you will get for fruit when they do eventually bear is anyone's guess as many citrus are hybrids, the flower may have been cross-pollinated by another variety altogether, and further complicated by the fact that some citrus seeds produce plants that are clones of the mother plant, ordinary plants crossed by another plant, or both in the same seed. In other words in some cases you can get two plants from one seed and they will not be identical twins.

    If you just want an orange or grapefruit tree then go for it. They'll grow, one day they'll bear fruit, and chances are the fruit will be edible though maybe not quite the same as the fruit that it was taken from.

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    We are surrounded by Citrus orchards, And trees bear at 3-5 years. Most if not All rootstock is sour orange. You need to watch the Salt in your water. As thats what kills trees. And you will get fruit but the trees bloom in Jan. So you may nees to help pollinate the trees. As they need to be protected from extreme cold. Under 28 degrees