grants for dental/medical bills

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    does anyone have any exp. in obtaining grants for dental/medical bills
    i have need about $15000 like yesterday and have no clue where to look
    getting a loan is not an option ,not that i couldnt pay for it just that credit is pretty ruff and nothing of value for collateral.
    any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. vtfarma

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    May 6, 2003
    Our hopsital - and I am assuming most others - have a free program for people with need. They forgave about 50,000 in debt on a friend of ours who had huge medical bills and no way to really pay them off. They are required to offer medical assistance to those who are not able to pay. Check with them and see what they can do. Fill out the paperwork for any state medical insurance and apply for anything that your state department of health can do. Also check with local universities some offer teaching programs where you can get your medical needs taken care of under the direct supervision of a real doctor at a reduced rate or free.

    Good luck.

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    Nov 18, 2003
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    Nov 12, 2004
    I had a very large medical bill of around 30,000 dollars when I was a teenager and my medical insurance hadn't kicked in yet. The hospital let me pay on it every week until I got it payed off. They didn't care if it was just 10 dollars (which it was sometimes) as long as I was making payments. It took me several years but I paid it off all by myself.
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    Dec 3, 2004

    If it's a medical bill that's come due..they can and will set up a payment plan for you. No need to take out a loan..just make payments every month. This way it won't go to collections as you are making a good faith effort to pay the bill.

  6. BCR

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    Jun 24, 2002
    I have a friend who is paying $5 a month on a bill. After the fact it is pretty tough. There really isn't 'free' money for this kind of thing. If you haven't gotten the work done yet, consider going to a dental school to have it done. They might offer you a break on the price. Work I had done at a school was significantly cheaper than elsewhere.

    If you owe it already, then consider earning more money to pay for it, bartering cleaning services or similar if its a local dentist...lawn work maybe to help make a dent in some of it. Show you are trying by making some payment very regularly. Tighten your belt and stay the course and you can make it work. If its already tight, consider talking to your local DHS for Medicaid benefits...there are some available, but not after the fact. Also, our health department offers adults and kids (seperately) discounted dental care days. Ask.
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    Dec 4, 2002
    Every hospital we have dealt with does let you pay it out without interest. You just have to go in and talk to them and make arrangements. You'd probably sign something that you would pay $xx a month. They understand that most people can not pay that amount of money out of pocket.

    If this is for a surgery you have not yet had, talk to your local hospitals about grants first. When I had my surgery a few weeks ago, the doctor's office mentioned that we could likely get the hospital portion free. If we had not known to ask, we wouldn't have. DH filled out a form and they gave us a grant for the whole thing.

    Also, the doctors associated with this hospital give a 30% discount for self-pay, although it does have to be paid up front to get the discount. They also routinely give the med samples to uninsured who come in and need them. Doesn't hurt to ask about allowances when you need help.
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    Feb 24, 2005
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    Bankruptcy is ALWAYS the very last resort...... Also is never a great idea to try to take out a loan - why pay interest??

    Ask for the financial aid officer at the hospital (or doctor). They are required (FEDERAL LAW) to work with you to get the bill paid - either by helping you get onto public aid, or making up a budgeted payment plan to suit YOUR budget.

    When they do a payment plan, you will need three months worth of all your bills (including credit cards, auto loans etc) as well as three months of paystubs for everyone in the house. They will also want mortgage stubs and such. BUT - the FA officer will do most of the legwork.

    Make sure to get copies of ALL medical bills which are currently due or past due. The agency or FA officer will notify everyone that you are working with them - and that SHOULD keep things out of collections (and off your credit files).

    I am in that process now. THey have just asked me for all the paid medical from the past two years (it will count toward my 'spend-down' - which is the amount I will pay before public aid kicks in each month).